Please verify you meet the eligibility criteria for this gig

As a patient co-op, we must do everything in our power to only allow real patients or verified consumers to take part in the research.

With that in mind, we ask you to submit one of a few options below to verify with us. We do NOT require you to have any forms filled out by a doctor.

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Eligibility Criteria

Unfortunately, we do have people who try to represent as patients and scam their way to opportunities in order to make some money. That ultimately hurts all of us, the real patients, undergoing treatments and living with our conditions. We simply won’t stand for that.

To avoid patient misrepresentation, we require that all new patients provide proof of eligibility to be shown to a gig’s sponsor, who will ultimately chooses the participants. 

To provide proof of eligibility, please provide at least one of the following: 

  • Screenshot of patient portal
  • Screenshot of electronic medical record
  • Letter from a physician stating the diagnosis
  • Pictures of specific medications used to treat the condition (with the medication name and patient name clearly visible)
  • A direct link to a social media account, newspaper article, blog post, or other web page that talks about you and your health condition

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  • If you have more than one file, please submit this form twice.
  • If you would rather upload a file from your phone, please click a verification link emailed to you from your phone. 

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Submit proof of eligibility

Once verified, we will delete the verification information you sent. We will also make a note that you have provided proof of eligibility for these eligibility requirements to minimize the need to provide proof of eligibility in future gigs. If you have any questions, please reach out to