We’re looking for people who have experience with a variety of health conditions and are willing to speak about their experiences


  • Savvy Cooperative often works with our partners to help bring the patient voice to a variety of conferences (both virtual and in-person). If you are interested in being a speaker for us in the future, please fill out this screener. When we have an opportunity for participation, we will reach out to you.


  • Experience as a patient and/or caregiver of any health condition

  • Comfortability in speaking to large groups of people about various health related topics

    For in-person speaking engagements:

  • Willing and able to travel to various locations via air or ground transportation

  • In stable health and able to care for themselves (with any assistive devices/services or with a caregiver)

$TBD USD (will vary depending on speaking engagement)

Total Compensation

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About Savvy Cooperative

Savvy Cooperative is the first and only patient-owned co-op that empowers people to use their health experiences to inform new products and services through surveys, interviews, product testing and more.

It was founded by two patients who wanted to make sure people who shared their health experiences were fairly compensated. That’s why we are patient-owned and the majority of our profits go right back to our members!

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