Looking for stories from the Black community about experiences with clinical trials


  • Interview

  • From home

  • Be featured in a publication that reaches 1 million readers per month!

  • The gig is a request from a journalist gathering stories and insights for a piece they are working on. In keeping with journalistic standards and practices, we generally can not offer payment to participants for their contributions to news stories or otherwise. This is to ensure the authenticity and impartiality of the information gathered.

  • Savvy understands the importance of acknowledging the effort and time people invest in sharing opportunities within their communities. As a token of our appreciation for those who help spread the word about this opportunity, Savvy has committed to offering a referral reward of $50 if the person you refer is interviewed.


  • To share about your clinical trial experience for educational and informational purposes


  • Black or African American

  • US Resident

  • Clinical trial experience

$0 USD

Total Compensation

$50 USD

Per Referral

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